Grassroot People and Gender Development Center (GRADE)

Increasing Awareness on Emerging Issues



  • Promote Participatory Budgeting at the Local Government
  • Improve Maternal and Child Health Care through Community Strengthening System
  • Reproductive and Sexual Health/HIV/AIDS for Young People
  • Advocate for Gender Equality and Social Inclusion
  • Capacity Building on Life Skills Development for Adolescence Girls
  • Campaigns on awareness on Gender Based Violence, Child Abuse, Human Trafficking and Irregular Migration
  • Leadership and Mentoring Programme
  • Promote Women Economic Empowerment
  • Peace Building and Conflict Resolution



  • Community Engagement
  • Advocacy
  • Counseling and referral
  • Capacity building Training
  • Networking and Partnership
  • Blogging and storytelling
  • Social Accountability tool (Community scorecard)
  • Research and documentation
  • Develop curricula and Training Materials, Newsletter and IECs

Consultancy –Rapporteur, Report documentation, facilitation, public speaking, research, project management, community mobilization and campaigns.


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